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History :

Our Company Uzunoğlu Ateş Tuğla İmalat Sanayi Ticaret İthalat ve İhracat , has been taking place among the most prominent Turkish Companies involved in refractory field.

The activities of Company, under the trade title of UZUNOĞLU SERAMİK VE ATEŞ TUĞLA were started in Ankara in 1963

The plant, on the coming dates has also entered in production of boilers and rendering support services.

With a view to meet  the demands of refractory market which recorded a progress in the course of 1980s, this Company has succeeded to transfer its activities towards the medium and heavy industry fields.By settings up a factory at in the year 1987, it has been possible for it to enlarge the scope of heavy industry activities and also improve its technological capability for manufacturing of refractory facilities in the year 1999, after having moved its work site to the modern facilities located in the organized industrial zone,it is presently conducting its production activities through this center while its marketing activities are being carried out by its center located in Ankara

The production capacity of our Company according to its plantsi is 7.000 -12.000 tons/year for the shaped refractories and 12.500 - 35.000 tons/year for the monolithic refractories.

UZUNOĞLU ATEŞ TUĞLA has been presently rendering its services in various fields such as iron - steel, non-ferrous metals (aluminyum, galvaniz, zinc,lead,etc) earth products industry (cement, lime, gypsum, ceramics, bricks), petro-chemical products industry, chemical products industry, oil refinery (thermal power plants and steam powe plants of various sectors), wood industry and glass industry.

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